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Just your average mid twenties guy. Rugger. Holder of babies. Amateur Chef. Lover. Music Snob. Ninja. Friend. Political Analyst. Sailor. Godfather. Gym Rat. ModelUNer. Teacher. Athlete. Gunner. Adrenaline Junkie. Yeller. Gamer.

I curse like a sailor and I might show a half naked woman or two on here, so we'll go ahead and say 18+, and I'll mark anything that's NSFW as such.

Deal? Deal.

Now then, take in the awesome.

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On the right is a Casio G-SHOCK watch.

On the left is a bent watch pin.

I did that in the weight room while squatting and listening to RATM’s “Bulls On Parade” at the same time.

I gotta stop beasting. It’s the exact reason why I can’t have nice things.

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